A lot of South Africans are going to go crazy this Friday because of Black Friday. It’s a great time for you to do your Christmas shopping before retails start picking up their prices but its also a way for you to spend all your money before the Christmas season even begins.
So we’ve created 5 tips to help you spend wisely on this #BlackFriday

1. Know your budget
Know how much you are willing to spend beforehand if you are buying a gift for friends and family, know how much you are willing to spend per person

2. Don’t shop at only one shop
Different shop have different promotions so it’s important to know who is offering what this way you can buy what you need at the lowest prices

3. Shop online
People go crazy on #BlackFriday so to avoid fighting for parking and traffic so shop online. This way you can check different websites to get the best offers

4. December is coming
remember that the month when many of us have the least to spare also happens to be a very costly one, especially for parents who need to pay for school uniforms and school fees.

5. Hackers will also be out and about
Remember that hackers will be in full force so watch out spacious emails and be extra careful while shopping online

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