Namibia fit for royalty as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan honeymoon

Cape Town – Namibia is set to get the royal treatment as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plot their honeymoon escape.

The anticipation is rising for the pending royal wedding set for May 19 – and while the highly awaited wedding ceremony is bound to be quite the extravagant bonanza, many are wondering where the couple will jet off to for their honeymoon a.

Well, according to Travel & Leisure, a source has confirmed that the couple will be heading off to beautiful Namibia to spend their first vacation together as husband and wife. And it’s no wonder why the incredible landscapes of SA”s neighbour would be chosen to be the backdrop of this iconic couple’s honeymoon.

Why Namibia?

Namibia is a land of contrasting landscapes offering otherworldly experiences like the Sossusvlei sand dunes.

At Sossusvlei, you are able to trek these dunes on foot – following a brief car drive to the location. You will also be able to spot a variety of animals from zebra to lions in the area, particularly during the rainy season from late October through to March, when you can get those epic watering hole shots.

Visitors can also explore some of the scenic routes in Namibia, like the Arid Eden Route. The route stretches from Swakopmund in the south to the Angolan border in the north and includes the previously restricted western area of Etosha National Park.

Along the Arid Eden Route you can be sure to behold the majesty of free-roaming animals, extreme landscapes, rich cultural heritage and outstanding geological formations putting this on many a traveller’s bucket lists.

Why not experience a flying safari over the ominously named Skeleton Coast? You get to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the uniquely orange patchwork landscape of Namibia.

You can also take a long hike – literally – like the three-day long Tok Tokkie hike. Experience the desert’s stunning beauty and discover its many secrets from this unique perspective.

Or the four-day long Waterberg hike, which will see you walking around 10 and 15 km a day!

Namibia promises visitors a journey with privacy and luxury through its camps and bush experiences that are completely remote. Namibia is also one of the least densely populated places and having to travel by plane to the many safaris are testament to the idea of seclusion.

If you consider the vast stretch of uninterrupted sand to beach line of the Skeleton Coast – privacy is one thing that’s definitely ensured.

Namibia also holds some political potential for the prince. Since it falls under the banner of Commonwealth countries, it is a fitting visit for the British royal couple during this important phase in their new life together

Where will the royal pair stay?

The rumour mill has it that the couple might stay at the latest of Namibian accommodation options – the Natural Selection’s Hoanib Valley Camp.

The accommodation also offers camps along Skeleton Coast, so if the couple does feel like venturing around the country – the option to do so is made comfortable.

While luxury accommodation is standard with many lodges around Namibia, this particular offering prides itself on the luxury of experience.

“We think frills are great, but they are no match for thrills, especially when it comes to African safaris. Don’t get us wrong, we love a great bottle of wine and soft sheets as much as anyone. But for us, the greatest luxury of all, by far, is experience,” the tour company explains on its website. “That’s why we’re creating a portfolio of welcoming camps and one-of-a-kind experiences that are full of unique soul and colorful character, with extraordinary staff, located in the very heart of where the wild things are.”


Saara Mowlana

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